Monday, February 7, 2011

Books on Reading Lists

*Heart of Virtue
For the Child’s Sake
For the Family’s Sake
Book Lover’s Guide to Great Reading
The New Read Aloud Handbook
Great Books of the Christian Tradition
Books that Build Character
Books Children Love
Reading Between
The Lines
Realms of Gold
Honey for a Child’s Heart
Honey for a Teen’s Heart
Honey for a Woman’s Heart

Books on Fantasy
Landscape of Dragons
On Stories

Websites for Synopsis
Pink Monkey

Library-check with your local library

Online Books:
Library-Check with your local library
for Kindle, Nook, IPad,

Google Books:
Internet Archive:

Used books:
The Greater St.
Louis Book Fair-

Jewish Community Center-  April 
Kirkwood, Friends of the Public Library Annual Book Sale- April 
St. Charles City Library- June
St. Charles Community College Annual Library Book Sale- April  
St. Louis County Library
Check other local and university libraries for sales

Used Book Stores
Salvation Army and Goodwill
Children’s Consignment Shops

Online Used Book Sales
St. Louis County
Municipal Consortium
Interlibrary Loan-Check with your local library

List of questions to ask while you are
Susan Wise Bauer

Teaching the Classics

Guroian Lectures on ISI
Andrew Adams lectures
Irrigating Deserts with Moral Imagination

This resource and other lists will be
online at my blog:
Look for the link, Handouts, beneath my blog photo heading.